Employment Partners
Loyola University (Faculty and Staff positions)
Tulane University (Faculty and Staff positions)
The University of New Olreans (Faculty and Staff positions)
Xavier University (Faculty and Staff positions)

These organizations have agreed to help the accompanying spouses/partners of new faculty/staff:

• learn more about their organizations;
• determine areas that correspond with the spouses'/partners' skills and interests;
• identify potential internal career opportunities.

The contacts listed are for information gathering and networking purposes and do not guarantee that you will be given an interview for an open position. Read Informational Interviewing (pdf) for advice on how to conduct an informational interview.

To contact an organization, complete the following steps:

Learn as much as you can about the organization by reviewing its web site and other published materials. DO NOT contact an organization until you are knowledgeable about its products, purposes, etc. Determine which organizations are a good “fit” for you. Read the Workplace Values Assessment for guidance. Call or e-mail the organization's designated University liaison. Inform the liaison of your affiliation with the appropriate University and that you received her/his contact information through the Partner Opportunities Program.

The liaison will then work directly with you. You will be responsible for future correspondence with the organization. Provide POP with a very brief summary of your contacts.